Underground IM Secrets

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Dear friend,
Thanks for downloading.

My name's Jason Parker. I'm an internet marketer
and entrepreneur like yourself and I'm here to tell
you 3 Underground IM Secrets.

Secret #1 is fairly common powerful knowledge.
Secret #2 will likely be a surprise. Secret #3
might make you fall backwards out of your chair.
These are literally the 3 biggest IM secrets I

You can use each secret to ethically reach through
your prospects' computer screens and rip the money
out of their wallets. ...While they enjoy every

These 3 secrets are underground for one, because
that's a pretty cool name. Two, I believe you
won't find any of these teachings through a search
engine because they are so rare.

You can choose to keep them to yourself or sell
them or pass the report onto your list. The less
people know, the more powerful the secrets work to
suck cash like a vacuum cleaner.

Enjoy devouring this scarce info.

All the best,
Jason Parker

Secret #1 – How to Turn Free Ebook into a Quality $297 Product

Let's say you have this free ebook that's of quality, around 100 pages. Here's how to take it and turn it into a $297 information product.

How to Increase the Perceived Value
Free information is perceived to have a low value, especially free blog posts with ads way off in the corner.

Listen to this.

Perceived value is everything. Water used to be only free, but now you can buy a Dasani out of a Coke machine for a buck. It’s the same water you can get for free with a cheap filter attached to your sink. Yet bottled water now has a perceived value of up to $1.

As for digital products online: * Ebooks have a perceived value of $7 to $28.

* mp3 products are generally perceived at around $47.

* Downloadable videos are perceived up to $97 a piece.

* Software is perceived anywhere between $97 to the $1,000s.

These are estimates based on studying marketing and observing prices. Some might disagree.

Let’s take a free ebook and make some real money...

I’d take this quality ebook and turn it into another form of media with a higher perceived value. * Ebook = $27 per sale

* Ebook > mp3 Audiobook = $47 per sale

* Ebook > mp3 Audiobook > Screen Captured Video = $97 per sale

Turn your ebook into a form of downloadable media with higher perceived value. You can do it yourself or hire someone to do it cheaply at Elance.com. If you want to do a screen captured video, use Camtasia or a cheaper program like it. (Camtasia can be found at camtasia.com or techsmith.com/camtasia). A lot of people are downloading audio for big bucks these days because they can load it up into their iPods and take a product with them on the road.

But it doesn’t end there!

How the Right Packaging Increases Perceived Value
Let’s say you took your free ebook and turned it into a 4-hour-long screen capture instructional video course and you're selling it now for $97. If you offer 50% commissions to affiliates, you'll have a ton of Super Affiliates promoting the quality product that has high value and high perceived value for $43.50 per commission. The affiliates will also be building your e-mail list for you.

What if I told you that by making two minor adjustments that you could triple the cost of this product and it’ll still have value?

Here’s what you do.
1) Call it a “course.”
2) Go to your graphics guy and tell him, “Instead of creating a graphic for just one 4-hour-video, make it look like 5 DVDs in a bulk package.” Infomercials have proven time and time again that bulk packages out-pull single packages 5 to 1, because of higher perceived value.

Now you have a bulk package that you could sell for even $247 to $297 or more. If it’s a course in bulk, the perception of your product will be that it’s an investment by which there will be a return.

A Drop in the Bucket

At this point your prospects are salivating over this high perceived value video course on how to do whatever it is that you teach. But they aren’t quite ready to buy. They want to whip out that credit card, but they need you to give them another big reason why.

You need to make it look like your product’s price is a drop in the bucket compared to the benefits that the prospect is getting.

So we do two things:
1) Pile on quality bonuses like audios, reports, interviews, you name it. This increases value. You can buy Master Resale Rights to products for practically nothing at eBay. Just make sure the license says you can give it away as a bonus.
2) You need a USP, a Unique Selling Proposition. You’ll need something of high perceived and unique value to close the deal. In your case, you could offer mentoring from your own online mentoring school or a free critique or free coaching of some kind.

These two things significantly increase the perceived value as well as the actual value of your product and now service as well.

A prospect passionate about your subject would be willing to invest $297 as a one-time fee for $1,000s of dollars worth of products and services on your topic.

The great news is anyone can do this with a how-to ebook.

What if we flip flopped it?

Say you don't feel comfortable with charging this much money.

So what can you do?

We flip flop. You instead charge $47 per month for your mentoring service and as a bonus tack on your $297 video course or $47-$97 audio course (better yet, do both). This will build a solid stream of residual income. Affiliates will still be pleased with pushing your service because they will be getting residual income as well.

There you have it
So there’s how you go from giving away a free ebook to making an easy $180.50 per day or more on the internet (and that’s just 100 visitors to your sales page per day converting at an average 1%).

Secret #2 – The Easiest Money You'll Ever Make Online

Here's one of the best-kept secrets in the internet marketing world. Want to know the easiest way to make money on the net?

Here's your website
● You get tons of traffic, but you don't work for it.

● You have tons of unique content, but you didn't even publish it yourself.

● You have a thriving internet business that takes 10 minutes a day to run. I know. You're thinking I can't be serious. You think this because you've probably never heard about what you're about to discover.

Here's what I'm talking about
● An online business that others promote.

● An online business others produce unique content for.

● An online business that you so easily build a list with that it's like child's play.

Here's what you do
● Choose a market you already work in, one that you've already started building a list in.

● Install the Drupal Open Source (free) content management system on your new website.

Install Drupal's AdSense Module.

Because here's what's going on
Let's say you have Drupal installed on your website. We'll say it's a community that publishes articles on internet marketing.

The AdSense Module allows you to share AdSense ad space with the users of your site. Whenever they publish an article on your site, their AdSense ads are displayed a percentage of the time on their own articles. The Module also has a similar referral program.

Easy Content:

You offer 90% AdSense earnings to your users for their own pages (this is easy to set).

Easy Traffic & Easy Content:

You offer 10% AdSense earnings to your users who refer others to the site using their referral link. Whenever they refer someone, their ads are displayed on the pages of the users they referred 10% of the time.

This module takes care of all of your content and traffic problems.

How to set it up
I'm not going to go into the technical details of how to set up your Drupal community. For one it's boring. Two it's easy when you use the free on-site Drupal guide and support forum.

Here's how you and your users will benefit
You'll benefit because you're making easy small amounts of AdSense cash and that's all!

No that's not all... Not even close friend.

The golden nugget of this operation is that you can put an opt-in form on your users' pages and collect e-mails all day long for doing nothing.

Your users will benefit from writing and publishing on an already established site. They'll all get to know each other and it'll be like a blogging

community. They'll likely make more AdSense revenue than with their dinky Blogger or WordPress blogs.

So far there have been a lot of blogging communities with AdSense sharing, but the webmasters are having a cookout with money (grilling 100-dollar bills like they're damn steaks) by not marketing at the same time. Build your list and this is a perfect opportunity for you to have an almost automated successful online business.

How to get your site rolling
Obviously the automation wont begin until you have a few writers on your site working for AdSense revenue. So here's what you do...

● Make the index/welcome page of your site like a sales page. Write something that will connect with your market (most likely people who are passionate about making money online) and get them to sign up. Treat it like you would if you were selling something.

● Post a classified ad at a free Craigslist site. You'll probably get a few writers this way. When they make a couple bucks, they'll start promoting your site for both their articles and refer other users. This is why it's also important to create a compelling page about your referral program and publish a link to it in your navigation menu.

Key Thoughts and Pointers
● Take Care of Your Users:

Remember to treat your core users with respect. After all, they're doing all your work. You're not there to be a bad guy and reap all the benefits. If you start making serious cash, be sure to get your core users' mailing addresses and send them some checks in the mail to keep them happy. It's not right to slave others to death for your benefit, even if they are not-so-smart newbies.

● You Only Moderate:

The only thing you have to do that takes 10 minutes to an hour per day is moderate. Here's what I would do if I were you. ...When your site gets really
popular, don't leave the gates open for new writers. Focus on taking care of your core group of writers. You also won't have to deal with spam posts.

● Again:

Take care of your users who are making you a whole lot of money. It's the right thing to do and you'll grow to love your relationship with your users. Without them, your dream business wouldn't be possible.

Secret #3 – The Best Kept Credit Card Marketing Secret

This is one of those short, informative pieces of information with a true secret. I could sell it for big bucks, I think, but I wanted to deliver an amazing “secrets” report. I hope you're excited about this stuff so far because if you are, then you're about to be blown away like by a hurricane.

Okay. This secret is so secret that by reading this section further, you must promise not to publish the information anywhere on the web. We don't want this secret in the hands of everybody who uses a search engine or else it will lose almost all effectiveness.

I learned this secret to credit card marketing by befriending a high roller, a co-owner of a major credit card affiliate network (we're not friends anymore obviously or else I wouldn't tell you this). When you get people talking passionately about a subject, they'll tell you about anything and feel good about it too.

Here's the thing, though... Later on when I talked to his partner, he was really angry that he told me this stuff. Because he was afraid I might tell too many people. Oh well, I guess he should have given me $1,000 and asked me to sign a contract saying I wouldn't tell anyone.

So you can redistribute this report, but please don't publish this information on the net where it can be searched for. There's no point. This information will lose it's value and you won't make any money off your website page. Let's get down to it
Credit card marketing as an affiliate is tough to say the least. The competition is fierce and the cost per click in PPC programs is ridiculous. Plus it's illegal in credit card marketing to bid on the most targeted keywords. You can lose your shirt in this business. It's harder than a diamond to make it in credit card marketing.

That said, you can often make $160 or more per application. Those who do well, well... let's just say they're likely living a more financially satisfying life than you and me right now.

What's the secret?

I'm not talking about “the Secret.” Imagining you're getting credit card commissions isn't going to work in this business. It's like a game of chess and this is your queen:
Pre-approved Keywords
When you get those pieces of mail that say, “You've been pre-approved for a new credit card. Claim your new card at http://thecreditcard.com/offer” that URL is your pre-approved keyword.

See, not everyone uses the computer as well as we do. Tons of people don't type into their browsers, but instead into a search engine search browser. So they're searching using these pre-approved keywords.

They're looking to claim their pre-approved card. They know the rates. They've decided they want it. They've accidentally typed the URL into the search bar.

Piggy Back off the Companies
So you're going to piggy back off these companies who are sending out these pre-approved credit cards.

Here's how you do it, step-by-step.

Step 1:

First you'll need to be an affiliate with cardoffers.com, ncsreporting.com, or another credit card program. If your application is denied, call them up and talk to an affiliate manager.

Tell him you're an experienced webmaster and he'll likely not only approve your account, but help you set up an entirely new credit card website.

Step 2:
You'll need to look through your pre-approved credit card mail. Now look through your affiliate's site and see if they have the same card as advertised in one of your pieces of mail.

If you need more of this type of mail, sign up with LendingTree.com and you might get pre-approved credit card offers left and right.

Step 3:
Create a page on your site for the credit card. Make sure there's no navigation or anything that can distract your visitors away from clicking your affiliate link. You want your visitor to immediately click a link to get to the application page.

It's like you're an officer directing traffic. So at the top of the page, create a large link (bold, underlined, and blue) or eye-catching blinking banner that says “Click Here to Continue.”

The rest of your sales page should be filler content with the affiliate link throughout and outbound links at the very bottom of your page. The reason for this is because you don't want AdWords jacking up your bid because they think you have something like a squeeze page.

Step 4:
(It's highly recommended that you take a pay-per-click course before attempting any of this... You can still lose big time even with my secret.) Take your pre-approved keyword and either...

● Bid on the pre-approved keyword through a pay-per-click program.

● Use search engine optimization to optimize your page with the pre-approved keyword and your affiliate link. You'll need a good amount of backlinks to this page to come up as #1 in the search engines.

You can also use typos and misspellings:
● Take a pre-approved keyword and put it in a typo generator, like the

SEO Book Typo Generator and generate common misspellings and typos.

● You can both bid on these typos or you can try to optimize a website page with the most searched typos of your pre-approved keyword.

Note... Be sure to bid on both “http://thecreditcard.com/offer” and “thecreditcard.com/offer”, both the “http” and without it.

Step 5:
Test your affiliate sales page scientifically to understand your conversion rates. This is always important, but especially for credit card marketing because it's so expensive to buy traffic.

Use a heat map program like crazyegg.com (free) to track the click through rate on your affiliate link.

This is very important to do because statistics in your affiliate account won't always be in real time! It may take months to find out whether you're links are converting. Another reason why this is such a dangerous business....

Bonus Secret – The Skeleton Key to Affiliate Commissions

Selling goods through affiliate programs is the first thing most of us do when we get into this game (same here).

This post will help you actually make money as an affiliate right away. If you will avoid this #1 mistake and discover this one technique, then you’ll cut your learning curve like with a chain saw.

If you’re new to making money on the internet, then this is the most important message you will ever read.

Here’s the thing.

This might have worked at the beginning of the internet, but it doesn’t now: Don’t try to be like Amazon.com and hustle tons of products on one page. This makes you sales:
You want the focus to be on only one affiliate product on one page.

Here are the reason’s why…

The Russian Net Gun
Imagine the Russian military crafted you a special gun that shoots only a really large net. The net can capture up to 10,000 people at one time. When you’re targeting the people who are going to buy from your page, which
10,000 people will you shoot your net at?

The answer is: You shoot the net at 10,000 people who would be interested in one affiliate product. So you promote that one product.

You don’t promote 30 products on one page and target a hodge podge of
10,000 people who would be interested in different products. You won’t get

any sales this way and you’ll waste your efforts and money driving traffic. The Psychological Trigger that Makes Sales
Believe it or not, there’s something psychological going on here.

● If you give a visitor one option (to buy or not to buy), then they will more likely make the decision to buy than the other situation.

● If you give a visitor several options (to buy or not to buy 30 items), then they will more likely not make a decision to buy.

This is because you’re forcing them to make a yes or no decision. Do I buy this product or not? And people don’t like to be in a situation where they have to make a decision (but that’s where you want them).

Promoting 30 items gets too complex. Your visitor’s psyche shuts down and he leaves your page. When he finds something else to click on, he doesn’t have to face the pressure of making a decision.
“Greasing the Shoot”

Famous copywriter John Carlton calls this “greasing the shoot.” It’s where you write a sales message in a way that has no distractions for your prospect. You want to grease your sales message so that your prospect slides smoothly to the order button.

Internet people are click crazy. As soon as there’s something for your prospect to click on, he’ll click it. He wants to click things right away and he doesn’t want to be pressured into buying anything (and that’s not good for business).

Let’s apply this concept to hustling affiliate products.

Not only do you want to promote one item at a time… Let’s say that you have a review site where you review affiliate products.

On a single item’s page, you don’t even want a navigation bar, no other links, no other products, nothing else that could divert the visitor away from making a yes or no decision for buying your product. Only a copywriter would tell you to do such a thing. But do it and find out it works.

Lay on the pressure. “You either buy this or not. You HAVE to make a yes or no decision. You can’t take the easy way out and click something else.” Don’t say this, but this is what your page says to your prospect.

This is the way the psyche works. Your prospect doesn’t want to think. He would much rather say, “Nah, I’ll click here before I have to think about and consider what this guy is asking me to do. I’ll click here and take the easy way out.”

Your prospect doesn’t want the pressure of having to decide, but you want your prospect to have a lot of pressure and have to decide yes or no.

This is What You Do
● Promote one product at a time on one page. (You want your prospect to be pressured into making a yes or no decision with no other options.)

● With no distractions, not even a navigation bar or any links. (You want your prospect to be pressured into making a yes or no decision with noother options.)

● Drive a targeted audience to that page like with your Russian net gun.
(You want to drive qualified prospects to that page.)

Food for Thought
Also use the same tactic for when driving prospects to an e-mail opt-in page. You'll significantly increase your conversion rate.

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