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WebCPG 'Article Maker' - What is it?

This is one tool that's definitely different and extremely useful to many people.  One of several 'Grey Hat' technologies WebCPG are due to launch shortly.

WebCPG 'Article Maker' is every site manufacturers dream tool. It takes the concept of the 'Black Hat' site making and introduces REAL CONTENT into the scene to produce almost 'White Hat' sites. On the same scale as Black Hat!

We got hold of a beta of WebCPG two weeks ago and were completely surprised at how simple it was to use compared to the immense text crunching power hidden away in its bowels. The content it produced from the sites we downloaded was amazing.  Fully readable, interesting and factual articles on just about any subject keyword we gave it (except porn). Complete with all Author credits where necessary, html free, formatted and ready for use.

It has obviously been designed with other software like HyperVRE (featured on our site here) and heavy weights like NichCreator in mind.  As it exports the content in either formatted text or for HyperVRE, ready for hassle free import.

A must have tool for anyone making up sites.  Why fill millions upon millions of pages with absolute gobble gook, when you could fill it with real content?  Result is a more interesting site that may keep the visitor just a little longer to click on that ad link they would not have done otherwise. AND, because the content is not gobble gook spam, you will not be banned. Just the opposite, having quality content on your site will rank you higher, attracting more visitors and money in the bank. In fact, with this sort of content, you will even have returning visitors and that's a first!

Its not confirmed yet, but we believe they will price it around $19.99.  And at that price its going to be a very handy tool for anyone producing sites, whether for tiny niche sectors or mega automated hyper sites. Anyone looking to build their own article database would find this tool indispensable.

We tested out WebCPG in creating one of those lucrative vertical sector micro sites, you know, those really difficult ones that earn the big bucks.   We found WebCPG does exactly what it says and does it remarkably well. Using its content, we fired up HyperVRE and a few minutes later produced a really tight 120 page micro site, perfectly themed with high value ads and content that looked and read totally White Hat.  We shall be using WebCPG Article Maker full version due out in around two weeks.

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