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What are High Paying Keywords?

No! High paying keywords are not the keywords that have high CPC. There are many keywords in Google Adwords system, which have a high CPC, but no Advertisers bidding on them. Relying too much on the CPC can lead you to many Fake high paying keywords. High Paying Keywords refer to those keywords on which the advertisers bid madly, and are ready to pay (more than average) per click to anybody who fetches them the target traffic. Keywords are the search phrases that belong to a specific industry. For example, "Student loan" belongs to Finance or Loan industry. Some industries are highly populated with Advertisers and competitors while others are not. And those keywords are called High Paying Keywords.

Why Should Target High Paying Keywords?

Getting 0.05 cents per click? How about $2, $4, $7, or more per click? Targeting with High Paying Keywords ensures that you get more Earnings per Click (EPC). All you need is more traffic. An ideal high paying keyword has more Advertisers and less competing pages. Such a keyword has high traffic value, and therefore, people link easily to your web page. Free Video - Top Paying Keywords

What are fake High Paying Keywords?

In the Google Adwords system, there are many keywords, which have a very high CPC, but unfortunately, no advertisers bidding on them. Who is going to pay you something like $70 per click if there are no Advertisers bidding on the keywords? Hence, it is important to check the number as well as the quality of the Advertisers glued to a keyword. When you send a click to Google, it is passed through many filters. Google examines that click from various perspectives such as - which keyword generated that click, which page has it been generated from, whether or not the click is useful for the advertiser, and its SmartPricing factor. That is why it’s so important for you to see beyond the CPC to get hold of the real profitable keywords. You actually need to analyse the behaviour of a keywords to fathom what actually they are paying and why! Free Video - High Paying Keywords

How Does Keyword Country Help You Discover Them?

Get access to 6.5 Million high value keywords, and see the real picture of High paying keywords. Predict your earnings before you even target a keyword, and study the behaviour of keywords. These real high paying keywords help you earn more per click, fetch more traffic, and get more CTR. Get access to the highest paying keywords, most searched keywords, highest CTR keywords, or even the most niche keywords that exist on planet earth.…and all this becomes POSSIBLE with Keyword Country. Learn More - The Full Facts
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