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Automating web site productionHyperVRE free internet marketing software download Is HyperVRE the answer?

By C-Vanci

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 HyperVRE free internet marketing software downloadThe concept of putting web site production on steroids has been tried many times and dismally failed most of the time.  The very idea of automating the production of a hundred or so pages, cramming them with search engine happy content and affiliate advertising to produce instant revenue, is a pipe dream and doomed to failure by most that attempt it.  Primarily because although the search engine is satisfied, the visitors it drags in are not! Who wants to arrive at a site stuffed with a load of gibberish and advertising?  Certainly NOT the person who has just clicked on your site listed in the Google listings hoping to find some decent content about the subject of interest.

 HyperVRE free internet marketing software downloadThere is a growing army of programme's out there that will design, populate with affiliate ads and cram loads of double-dutch content derived from other sites into a nice new website for you.  ALL AUTOMATICALLY!!

 HyperVRE free internet marketing software downloadHowever, most of them are nothing more than glorified doorway page programme's and we all know, or should, that is one way to be in Google today and permanently banned tomorrow!

  REMEMBER - The most effective position on a page for any advertising is the top left and side. So always place your most profitable PPC or affiliate code here.
  REMEMBER - Borders don't sell. When you place any ads, especially Google or Amazon, ensure you make the 'border' and 'background' colours to the exact same as your page background. Also change the text, font or link colour codes to that of your site. This creates a blended look to the advert and therefore diminishes the visitors conception of it as an advert. People click interesting links NOT adverts.
  REMEMBER - Avoid repetitive animated banners in the prime selling zone at top left. Psychologically visitors hate it or at least find it damned annoying and will hardly ever click on it. While a simple piece of hyperlinked bold and coloured text like' 50% Off Boots Today' works fantastic.
  REMEMBER - The more discrete your adverts are, the more you can pack in and the more your visitors will like your site as a result and that will make you more money because they will innocently click on more of them!

 HyperVRE free internet marketing software downloadSo what's the answer?  We deliberated on this question and its possible solutions for several months.  Spending hours of trial and error in turning all these 'instant success' programme's upside down and inside out.  We sniffed around places like Syndk8 Black Hat Seo Forums  which is an absolute mine of useful info and visited most of the would be vendors of suitable software found by sifting through countless pages at Google.  Eventually we arrived at two possible contenders for truly useful software, Generation3c and HyperVRE and designated the rest to the bin as totally useless.  We then spent the past few weeks experimenting with both these solutions and here are the hard facts.

 HyperVRE free internet marketing software downloadGeneration3c is an 'in house' piece of software that can do some remarkable things.  However, the inherent failure of most British businesses to grasp new developments on the Internet and go with the flow, firmly rules them out.  Apart from which, they may not last the test of time and dissapear.

 HyperVRE free internet marketing software downloadOn the other hand we have HyperVRE. which is downloadable and installs as a stand alone piece of software that anyone can use.  You don't have to host with them, kiss there backside or even like them.  There is no crafty adware built in and best of all the basic version is totally FREE! You can actually download, use and have a website up and running in a few hours.  As for support, well second to none. I communicated with them several times about various niggles and not only received a polite and informative answer almost immediately from a chappy called Brad, but also an updated piece of software that now did exactly as I wanted.  Now in my books, that's what I call support!  But that's the reason we prefer to host and buy software from the states, their mentality is to encourage and promote, whereas here in the UK? well I wont go there except to say they are firmly entrenched more in self importance than promoting new concepts to others, especially with Internet technology.

 HyperVRE free internet marketing software downloadSo what does HyperVRE do?  Well the site you are at this moment viewing was produced entirely with HyperVRE as was some of our other sites like Motorbility and a much simpler design at 777win .  And, after setting up the templates with integrated affiliate advertising, Google adsense, Yahoo, Amazon, Clickbank etc etc, HyperVRE produced these sites in around 30 seconds!! Five minutes later they were not only uploaded but sitemaped by Free Site Map Generator, verified and submitted to Google and earnt their first revenue the very next day.  Now that's what I call web site production on steroids!!

 HyperVRE free internet marketing software downloadAt this stage I suggest you nip over to HyperVRE's website and download yourself a free copy.  Also grab the excellent video tutorials here and start experimenting. Then come back here and continue reading to learn the tips on how you can take HyperVRE to the next level and produce stunning web sites that start earning money for you from day one.


Second Part: Taking HyperVRE to the next levelHyperVRE free internet marketing software download

 I assume you have already downloaded a free copy of HyperVRE and played around with it some.  If not go Here and do it now, it is free after all.

 Now, if you like lots of hype and sales pitch then HyperVRE's website gives you a belly full.  But that's the American way and goes with have a nice day.  The fact is, it works and does what it says on the box!  And, as we all know from bitter experience, not many programme's do that. Take Windows for example!!

 Add to that the superb after sales support and ongoing development, you really feel part of a community of like minded people encouraging you to make money.

 So what's the secret? There is none.  Just plain common sense, a little imagination and ability to use an industry standard web package like Dreamweaver or the like.  Even if you are a seasoned web developer, a little help from HyperVRE will add a new dimension to your site production and a lot of money into your pocket.

Step One:  Make a template.  To be cross browser compatible you cant beat bog standard tables.  Create a 3 row table with a header, middle and footer, ensure to set its width to 100% and not 'pixel width'. Or you end up with one of them 'postage stamp' sites on larger monitor screens. Then create a 3 column table in the middle part, giving say 20%, 75%, and 20% width to the columns.  The side columns are for links and affiliate advertising, while the middle is for content.  You can always insert another table within the middle column if you want to split up and align other snippets or images with the content HyperVRE will place there.

 If you fancy a ready made template then nip over to Fabhosts and look through hundreds available for free. Of utmost importance is to type in a suitable title along with meta description and keywords in the header section, ensuring to include the most relevant keywords. Also make sure you include one of VRE's #CHILD_KEYWORDS# codes in the head section as later on you will globally add a comment ( <!-- --> ) to the pages and then globally cut and past the keywords produced by VRE into this comment. This little trick works wonders with search engine bots.
  Its also a good idea to globally include the same comment in the footer section, as search engines pay great respect to keywords towards the end of the page. Other things to include in the template are a few 'spacer' gif's. While this can be the standard 1x1 pixel, do not call it 'spacer.gif'. Give it a keyword name. For example if your site is about shoes, then call the tiny gif's. something like 'shoes.gif' And, don't forget to give the gif's a text description, again using keywords and set its border to '0'. Liberally dot them around the template page,ensuring to put one in the page footer. Result = more 'brownie points' awarded by the search engine bots.

Step Two:   Research the keywords you are using.
A great piece of SEO software to help you with this and about everything else you may need to get your latest masterpiece up in the search engine charts, is WebCEO and yep, you guessed, its non adware and free! We have used it for over a year now and can definitely rate it as the best SEO software available. What HyperVRE does for automating web site production, WebCEO does for automating submission to the major search engines.
  Visit their site here and judge for yourself or simply download it for free here. I wont go into the other facilities that HyperVRE offers like inserting RSS feeds etc, as the manual is quite simple and easy to follow. If you have not already done so I recommend viewing the small manual here and sacrificing a tree twig by printing it out, especially as a handy reference for the # # codes. Though on the matter of using RSS feeds, please do remember, this causes pages to be saved as .php and not .html. Due to search engine technology .html is much more search engine friendly and you will achieve considerably higher rankings with a site using html pages as opposed to php. So unless you really want to, leave the RSS feeds for now.

Step Three:   Populate the template.
has a list of codes that can be inserted anywhere you chose within the template. Each one of these codes produces differing effects. They are simple and straight forward like #ARTICLE_CONTENT# which automatically places the content HyperVRE mines. Remember, that you can highlight any of these codes and set all the usual parameters like font, size, colour, div etc. You could set say #ARTICLE_AUTHOR# to bold, size 3 and colour orange and #ABOUT_AUTHOR# to size 2 colour brown. The content HyperVRE places there will follow the rules you have set.
Always try to place HyperVRE's # # codes in places that will integrate them into the rest of the pages design.  As example, if you place #GROUP_LINK# code in the right hand column, place an appropriate affiliate text ad that looks like a link before and after the # # code, then set the entire column to the same font face size and colour. Spend some time playing around with the template designs and then let HyperVRE produce the site, it only takes a few seconds. Then delete the site, play around some more, build the site again, delete the site..., until you feel happy with the visual look and feel your template produces.

Step Four:   The content.
  This is where HyperVRE leaves other software in the prehistoric ages. Not only can it automatically pull in some mighty good and readable content off the net and then by magic,instantly implant it throughout your entire new shiny site exactly where you tell  it to, but you can add your own content text files as well!
  There are tons of free to republish articles about any subject you could think of available. All it takes is a simple copy and past to add your own content rich articles into HyperVRE which will then automatically build the pages with them in. Try going to Google here for free articles and simply take your pick.  Please do remember though, be nice and include the Author details in the #ARTICLE_AUTHOR# and #ABOUT_AUTHOR# tags provided in HyperVRE.

Step Five:   Earning cash with affiliate ads.
  If you haven't already done so, its time to nip over to Google and join their adsense click scheme and while at it, sign up with Yahoo,   Amazon and Clickbank.
  If you don't already have accounts with affiliate scheme sites like Commission Junction or Trade Doubler, go there now and get one for free. There are other sites, but these are the biggest and certainly the best with a huge range of companies offering affiliation covering virtually every product both Stateside and in Europe.
  HyperVRE has room to include 3 PPC (Pay Per Click) code snippets #PPC_01# - #PPC_03#, which it will then populate throughout the site in the position you have placed the # # code. If, like us you have many different affiliate advertising and PPC codes, you can 'hard wire' some of them into the template in the positions you chose, in addition to using HyperVRE's #PPC# code to insert others.

Step Six:   Finishing touches.
  Once you have the site the way you want and are happy with HyperVRE's result, its time to carry out any global operations on the sites pages. The more time you spend in designing the template, the less work now involved. In total honesty and putting hype aside, our first site produced with HyperVRE (this one), took two days of experimentation and getting the feel of the programme, another day of producing several copies of the site then going back to the template and fine tuning the design, about 30 seconds to produce the final VRE site then another couple of hours to globally clean up and add/modify the pages with Dreamweaver.
  While the second site (Motorbility), took a day from start to upload. It now takes around two hours to build a 100 page plus site. Which is long short of the weeks and months it used to take. The end result? More free time to explore less dreary tasks such as new ideas, more time at the beach and considerably increased cash in the pocket. Its the wisest move we have made since entering the commercial web site business five years ago.


Final point.  You may ask why I took the time and patience to write this article for free.  To put it simply, I am totally enthused by HyperVRE and the assistance it has provided to bring my own internet marketing strategy out of the dark ages and into a much brighter future.  Its simply one of the best pieces of software I've discovered in the past five years and the basic version is absolutely FREE - without ads or strings attached.  I take my hat off to the developers.  I also felt the need to show how HyperVRE can be used to produce professional looking sites that make real money instantly, by taking just a little more care and thought into using it as opposed to the 'Mickey mouse' search engine spamming that most people associate this type of software with. I would like to think that the many sites we produce with HyperVRE and those you hopefully also produce, will discount the 'poo poo' thrown by the old fashioned 'stick in the mud's' who still spend months to produce one site and years before they make any serious money - if ever.  With HyperVRE you can literally make income tomorrow! Not next year or even next month, but TOMORROW!  So what you waiting for?  If you are still unsure, then get out of the web site business, your about to become either extinct like the dinosaurs or stay as poor as a church mouse. For all you affiliate lovers out there, yes I have included an affiliate ID for HyperVRE in the link so we can track the copies downloaded and where from, that's all. The other links in this article are untracked. Go visit the Hyper VRE site here.

Ed C-Vanci HyperVRE free internet marketing software download
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