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Link Machine - We tested Link Machine and pushed its back linking to the max.
This is how Link Machine performed....

Every now and then a very useful script or programme comes along that truly gives benefits and a free period in which to prove its excellence. I've bought dozens of various types over the years and played around with hundreds more. The end result is a very nice collection of utilities to make the day to day tasks of SEO etc easy and highly effective. Link Machine is our newest addition and the following is a straight forwards report on what we found.
Link Machine is a fully working non-crippled php script but a doddle to install and they will even install free for you if needed.

Before you start. Link Machine is no 'magic fix' for tons of links with no work. Its a professional linking php script that builds unlimited numbers of high page rank links from any chosen vertical sector, and maintains them all on auto pilot. But as usual you only get out what you put in.
While you can use Link Machine 'out of the box'. if you want to be professional and produce results that are correspondingly professional in quality, you need to modify the existing email and link page templates to suit your sites identity.

Grab yourself a fully working and totally free version of Link Machine here at

I tried Link Machine out on, you can see the links pages here http://www.flightcenter/linkmachine/ and learnt a very important lesson - pre planning. Like thinking about link categories. You should always aim to have the link page no more than 2 clicks away from the base url. So having categories under categories is to be avoided if possible.

Also give a lot of thought to the categories to create in Link Machine before you start building links. Aim to not have more than 140 links for any given category. So if you intend to add hundreds or thousands of links over time, think now and create sufficient sub categories to spread the load.
Like instead of just Lodgings, break it down into B&B, apartments, villas, caravans, condos etc and split 'Hotels' into countries such as Bali, India, Usa, Australia Uk etc. Depending on your sites vertical market.

At the least go through the default email templates and alter them to fit your own style. If you know basic html and can use a website editor like dreamweaver, then take your existing sites index page, delete out the unnecessary stuff and make a template for the links pages from it. Its quite simple as all you do is put *CONTENT* where you want the links written.

Then go through Link Machines settings and personalise it, it takes a little time but once done it helps automate a lot of otherwise impossibly time intensive manual work in not only sending out new exchange requests but automatically keeping an eye on existing ones. And gives your future work an air of professionalism which helps to attract those page rank 5+ sites to link back to you.
Link Machine can totally automate the process of link maintenance, although you have choice to use manual for some tasks if you prefer. Link Machine uses a cron (there are other ways), to automate the process of sending email reminders, thank you's, follow up's and even auto removes those who don't link back or subsequently take your link off.

Our next one to install Link Machine on, will be better as will the third site. Link Machine comes with a licence to install on up to 3 sites. You need to pay another few bucks if you want to use Link Machine on dozens of sites. So whether you have one or a hundred sites, you could never get so many link backs by old fashioned manual methods. And of course you can export links from Link Machine on one site and import them into another installation giving a good head start.
Back links are the MOST important aspect to every sites credibility on the net. If no one links to you, you are nothing as far as the search engines are concerned. If hundreds link to your site then you are royalty and treated so by the big 'G' and other search engines.

You may be forgiven for feeling that using Link Machine professionally absorbs considerable time. Searching, examining, selecting suitable link back sites, especially when trawling through sites for links takes time. I felt that way after using Link Machine for three days.
BUT, you should keep reminding yourself of how long it would take to manually find and achieve 100's of good quality links back to your site.
By day three I had achieved around 130 good PR link backs from sites in my vertical sector. That would have taken weeks without using Link Machine. With a further 200+ link requests sent but not yet linked and around 300+ ready to send emails to. This took three full six hour days and possibly the best investment in time I have ever done. I continue finding more targets daily for a couple of hours as I write this Link Machine review.
Excuse me while I just nip off and add another ten or more links.

Hi, back again and managed finding another 20 or so possible link partners, not bad in ten minutes.
Grabbing possible link partners using Link Machine can be achieved by several methods, my favourite is the grab links from other sites web pages.
A simple search in google for link directories and then selecting ones with many links in your vertical sector. Just feed Link Machine with the link pages and Link Machine happily extracts suitable url's. You see, sites that have already exchanged links with quality link directories and other sites are certainly link active and most likely to accept your link and link back. Sites like are really good with tons of high quality possible link back partners.
Others like

Or you can search for keywords for your sector and extract links of possible sites that could be potential link back partners. I would advise using Yahoo instead of 'G' as it tends to have a better listing of any sites backlinks.
You can also be cheeky and search your competitors site and extracting url's. of every one who links to them. Very useful!!
If you come across a directory or list of links that wont read anything when you give Link Machine the url, then just copy and paste the whole pages into a file on your computer, save it and tell Link Machine to read that file.

When grabbing links, Link Machine gives you the option to change the title and description of each site before adding it. This should automatically happen if you have set Link Machine to fill these fields in from the title and content of the site itself. I find it useful to truncate any long text or overkill of keywords in the title field and leave the
description field untouched. In cases where the description is empty, you normally find a long title so I just cut part of the title and drop it in the description field. This keeps the finished link pages looking more uniform rather than some of the links text looking bloated or starved.

Tips when working with Link Machine.

If you are searching html pages say directly from another sites link pages, you will find Link Machine sometimes slow before revealing results. DO NOT assume because it only displays say two sites, that's quite normal as it seems Link Machine takes a long time to scan the sites, especially to find emails, and just keeps returning whatever it found in a certain time. The next page may have ten sites the next one three etc.
If you don't want the first ones returned, just untick the boxes and 'Add Chosen Sites' even if none selected to bring the next selection on screen.

Although it decreases the number of sites returned, always set Link Machine to only add sites with an email address. When building quality links, quality not quantity is the golden rule.

Initially concentrate on adding sites, send out the emails later when you have exhausted all sites on any directory you have used. Then move on and do same with the next directory, grab all links and send emails.

Look in your email box and note all the 'Mail delivery failed' messages, you will get about 5% - 10%. Immediately go into Link Machine's site manager and remove and delete those sites. Always keep your database clean and current, its very valuable!!

Keep an eye on any emails which Link Machine sends copies of to your mailbox. Some link back partners will want to do it personally or have questions, if they are good page rank sites, its worth your while to invest time into finalising the link back with them.

When sending emails to all the sites you have gathered, it can take some time 10 - 30 minutes depending on how many sites, so plan for a tea break at that stage while Link Machine automatically does what would take you weeks.

If you get emails from possible link backs asking where the actual page is containing their link, because you have so many.  Then here is an excert from my standard email reply.


The basic version of Link Machine is free PLUS with five days free trial of the advanced features. USE THOSE FIVE DAYS FLAT OUT!! Build instant links with registered sites and create as many new ones as possible. Then when the free 5 days ends you should have already grabbed a hundred or more links back. Then you decide whether to continue with the free version but without the full potential and added features.
I actually bought it after the first three days as I could see its long term benefit to my sites placement on search engines. FlightCenter now has an envious number 1 position on Bing and some other sites, we are now chasing 'the big G' and already on page 1 and working upwards. With the added benefits of using Link Machine for a few months I reckon we will get No 1 or damn close on the big 'G' as well. I don't need to tell you what a difference that makes to the number of visitors each day which leads to more conversions and sales.
While you can use Link Machine 'out of the box', it has extensive tools and options to highly personalise your link pages, emails sent and script settings to a professional level.
Building quality links to your site is without doubt the most effective method to gain seo recognition and higher search engine placements. The more link backs you have the more visitors to your site - simples! Remember 80% of all site visits originate from a search engine. Most people don't type coca cola in the address bar they type in the search box. That's why 'G' make billions each year from running ads on those search pages returned.
There are a few glitches when you really push Link Machine to the max, and we did, 24/7, but that's possibly down to server responses being slow sometimes. All in all its quite stable, but do remember to back up your database every now and then, just in case.
Definitely the best 89 bucks invested this year. If you are serious about building link backs to your site, this is one programme you must have, without any debate.
Grab yourself a fully working and totally free version of Link Machine here at


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